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How Doctors and Hospitals Are Protecting Themselves From North Carolina Medical Malpractice Claims

by Keith Adkins | March 19th, 2015

One of the most common reasons North Carolina medical malpractice lawsuits are filed stems from surgeon or their medical teams leaving foreign objects in patients’ bodies following a procedure. Such errors occur in 1 out of every 5,500 surgeries that take place and can lead to pain, inflammation, infection, and possibly death. Experts have found [...]

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Safety Violations to Blame for North Carolina Truck Accident?

by Keith Adkins | March 13th, 2015

North Carolina’s trucking industry is heavily regulated to help ensure the safety of both truck drivers and others who are commuting. Unfortunately, many trucking companies fail to adhere to these rules, which can too often lead to a serious North Carolina truck accident occurring. The recent collision between a tractor-trailer and an Amtrak train outside [...]

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Another Pelvic Mesh Settlement Announced

by hef | March 11th, 2015

Another settlement in a transvaginal mesh case. This one involved Ethicon, and was settled 4 days into trial. The terms of the settlement were not released. Given that the manufacturer has resolved other cases similarly, we hope that this will lead to a formal framework for settlement of all of these case in the future. [...]

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Officials Hope New NC Bike Walk Website Will Reduce North Carolina Bicycle Accident Rates

by Keith Adkins | March 5th, 2015

Since data shows North Carolina has the ninth highest bicyclist and pedestrian fatality rate in the nation, officials have been working to reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists and walkers by raising safety awareness. Now, the North Carolina Department of Transportation has launched a new website dedicated to reaching this goal. The Walk Bike [...]

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Judges Find in Favor of Property Owners in North Carolina Map Act Lawsuit

by Keith Adkins | February 26th, 2015

Landowners are getting some relief in North Carolina today after the state’s Court of Appeals ruled the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) could not use the Transportation Corridor Official Map Act to indefinitely tie up a property owner’s land. The Map Act allows the state to determine if a piece of property is in [...]

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Inverse Condemnation and the “Map Act”

by hef | February 23rd, 2015

Finally! Good news for property owners in North Carolina. If your land has been tied up by the DOT, that’s about to change. Since 1989, the State of NC has been preventing landowners from building on or improving their own real estate if it was located in areas that might be affected by future highway [...]

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Study Shows Medical Mistakes Are More Common Than You May Think

by Keith Adkins | February 19th, 2015

When we are sick or injured, we expect the medical professionals who are caring for us to make protecting our health and safety a top priority. The North Carolina medical malpractice attorneys with HensonFuerst Injury Lawyers explain that unfortunately, mistakes happen in the medical field, and such errors may occur more frequently than you think. [...]

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Study Will Look at How Brain Injury Affects Athletes

by Keith Adkins | February 13th, 2015

Sports-related accidents are one of the leading causes of brain injuries among young Americans today. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year, more than 173,000 children and teens under age 18 are treated in emergency rooms for a concussion or traumatic brain injury that was sustained while playing sports. Now, researchers [...]

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House Bill 3 Protects From Unfair North Carolina Land Condemnation

by Keith Adkins | February 5th, 2015

To many North Carolinians, our property is one of our most important assets; however, our state’s laws allow the government to seize land if it’s deemed the property can benefit the public. This is typically referred to as eminent domain. There are loopholes in these laws though that can be used to unfairly compensate a [...]

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